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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Girls bedroom design

Girls bedroom design
In principle, there was nothing too distinguishing when we will organize a bedroom for boys and girls. But usually for a bedroom set for our daughter should be able to understand the characteristics, comfort and also their taste. Because the bedroom is a place for them to be able to rest and relax as much as possible of the interior rooms to create an atmosphere of fun and reassuring.

The colors are soft and light pastels like pink, light green, yellow and light blue room may be more suitable for girls. No need to be afraid too if need mixing and matching two or more colors. Combine elements of the interior with a maximum of three colors that are not too crowded. The white color again be one of the options that should be applied in combination with other colors. You can choose the color combination of white-pink-yellow, white-yellow-orange, white-green-blue ocean, white-or yellow-orange. To display a clean and modern impression should give white domination over another color.

Forms can dikreasikan bed with a unique shape fits your needs and wishes of children. For girls usually taste more like the shape of the curve compared to a square shape. Meanwhile, to enhance your bed can be equipped with a bed cover with cheerful motifs and colors that match the theme of the room.

Choosing colors for a child's bedroom may not be as easy as we imagine. We recommend that before deciding the color to be used, we can identify in advance the character and interests of our children. It could also be a way to ask them directly about what color she likes so that they feel involved, opinion is much appreciated and would be more like the new look of their rooms.

First determine the base color to be used. Then use another color as a combination. If you have any doubts, then piihlah white as the primary color. White is the universal color because it matches paired with other colors. Use a combination of up to three colors.

Wall color should be chosen in soft colors (pastels) such as light blue, light green, or light brown. Pastel colors are mild and bring brightness atmosphere. Very appropriate for the child's personality in childhood.

Selection of furniture should be selected with a simple model, not a lot of ornaments and carvings. Adjust the dimensions also match the size furniturenya gestures children. So that ensure children can freely reach their own goods for them.

Sweeten the look of the room on a room can be added girls doll ornaments or ornaments such as paintings or fancy princes character. Displaying the work of the child is also a good idea. This will add a sense of confidence and pride in themselves.

The bedroom is also often used as a place they play. Use plain with a carpet pad size is not too big. Thick carpet that will give more comfort to those on the move. Use the small rug, a maximum of 1.5 x 1.5 meters. Small carpet will only add to the beauty of its own in the room.

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