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Friday, January 4, 2013

Changing the Frame Termite Eaten

Changing the Frame Termite Eaten

Door frame / window is porous due to termites be quickly replaced. But it must not do so, because it will affect the construction of the frame.
Frames and shutters / doors from wood that has been porous due to termites, must be quickly replaced, before the damage spreads to other parts. But to replace it, must not be separated and waste! How easy it seems it needs a lot of fund.
What if funds are limited, but the replacement must be done immediately? There are simple ways to save but temporary beams are porous. While raising funds to replace the whole frame, the other way can be applied.
Another story when funds are available to replace the jamb or door / window is porous, pretty much. Changing the frame or leaf doors / windows can be done by replacing the model without changing the size of the old frame. Also, it can also be done by changing the size of the old frame. By the first, the old bars still can be reused. Funds needed would not be too big, because they do not buy a new trellis.
To find a replacement as what to do, should be seen to what extent the damage. Damaged frames, or leaves, or even both? The beam parts are porous? How many wooden beams to be replaced?

Cut and Remove

Now, what corrective measures if only frame loss? It turns easily. Frames do not have to be removed from the wall, simply cut the rotten part and replaced with a block of wood the same size. New beam was then placed on a porous beam former earlier.
Cutting wood like this could be done if only a few blocks a porous frame. Part of the beam cut off and discarded. But remember, the wood is not cut exactly on the very porous, but exceeded approximately 5 cm. Instead, choose a good wood and cut as needed. Pieces are then placed on a wooden frame and nailed old. Furthermore, this section ready to be finishing.
Now, what if one of the beams of the frame stems are hollow? Means the beam is broken the frame needs to be replaced. Replacement of the beam to the frame stems not simply cut off part of the beam. To do this, the beams are rotten and need to be removed from the unit angkurnya frame it. After that, clean this part of the wood pieces are porous. Then put the new beams had been prepared, complete with angkurnya. Finally, trim back wall adjacent to the beam frame with mortar.
This method can be used if the number of blocks that need to be replaced not more than 25% of the frame. Suppose the beam to be replaced more than 25%, then it is better sills replaced in their entirety.

Only model Replaced

What if the condition of the frame is still good but the leaves are damaged? This can be overcome by replacing the leaves with the old model. The model should be replaced as long as the leaf size, same as the old one. But if the frame is damaged more than 25% and the leaves still in good condition, meaning their frames should be replaced. However, changing the model frame means also changing the model leaves (though not necessarily replace the existing railings).
For example, a glass window openings fitted with glass on it. First, railings installed in the hole and opening windows. Now, after the model is changed, the old railings can still be installed in its place. Although such openings in the top of the window is no longer open glass alias. Shutters that had been insulated with a rectangular pattern, for example, now used as shutters without insulation. This, too, can still utilize the old trellis. Size sills, shutters and railings do not need to be replaced; models are replaced.
In essence, the model replacement door frame / window, it can be done with a minimum seek replacement material already. Eventually, this will minimize the costs to be incurred.

Angkur Shall Remain Listed

Although the beam was cut and replaced, anchor doors / windows retained. It would be better if they are replacing an intact girder. Although the beam is broken only 20% of the overall length of the beam, the beam would be better if the frame is replaced one rod. In addition to ensuring that termites do not actually exist in the beam, as well as to ensure the strengthening of the frame remains intact and strong enough.

The beams are new and are ready to install given the anchor, and then mounted on the old frame, which is attached to the wall. Notches on new wood that has been given anchor should enter into a long wooden notch. Make sure the new timber is fitted with the proper and correct, and is not going to change the location again. Then, a new masonry installed on the original. Leave it for a few days, so pretty loud mortar masonry and beams frame the new one does not move anymore. Safety beams can be removed and finishing.

It's Okay Size Modified

It's OK to change the size of the frame, but the consequences of changing leaves and teralisnya. That is, the amount spent will be quite large. In planning a new frame again, need to consider the size of the wall that will be sills, function space, and the size of the space.
Hopefully, door / window new architectural elements that can be noticed aspects of the physics building. Aperture shape can be changed as you wish, such as a door opening to 180 ยบ hinge can be replaced by a sliding door, or a window with hinges at the top can now use the hinge side or bottom. However, that still needs to be considered is the air circulation through it.
Frame changed size and shape can be more flexible in its planning. But, still must consider the size of the wall will be a place to put the doors / windows. Do not let the sills and shutters / doors has been ordered to a certain size, it can not be installed because the file size is too large. Make sure in advance the size of the existing wall before planning a door / window you want. The new frame size is also not too small compared to the existing space. This is because the space needed air and sufficient sunlight.
No need to panic if you see a frame loss. There are some solutions that can be used as funds are available. Can select a temporary with funds that are not expensive, or select the funds expended a little more expensive, but with a "bonus": models and sizes may change in accordance with the breadth and function space.

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