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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Exposed rock (Minimalist Style)

Exposed rock (Minimalist Style)
Minimalist style house, which was loved today, is a modern style adaptations including from abroad. But apparently, in Indonesia we often find minimalist style combined with elements of 'local', such as rock exposure.

The definition of rock exposure is the deliberate arrangement of rocks shown by appearance of the building, such as rocks are cut thin and arranged on the surface of the building wall. Rock exposure is generally used on the exterior of the building (outside), although there are many people who like rock element is present in the interior of the house. Many people love the idea of ​​using rock exposure because it makes the house feel more 'cold', cool and close to nature.

Rock looked like this, it reminds us of the natural impression of the true nature. No wonder, because the rocks are found in rivers, cliffs, mountains, around waterfalls, and other natural places. Apparently, the experience can also be combined with modern elements such as glass, plain walls and other natural materials, such as wood. It looks simple, and also have a strong character, also provide a unique look at the houses and other buildings.

Especially for minimalist home design, there are several options rocks are often used, such as andesite and stone temples. Both have a texture and appearance are almost the same, only more powerful and andesite rock solid than stone temple, but it better able to withstand the growth of moss.
Regarding the installation of rock exposure this way, continue reading this article.

How to install rock is usually chosen arrangement in line, to support a minimalist style that is used. Display striped form the composition like a brick arrangement. Sometimes the composition of rock exposure is quite innovative, such as the arrangement is irregular, intermittent, and so on.

To put this rock exposure on a minimalist style house, should we pay attention to the type of stone used. Since the 'minimalist' pretty much use neutral colors, the color of gray rock that black tends to quite fit with this style. Rocks such as sandstone and palimanan, quite appropriately used for the Mediterranean architectural style, classic or ethnic.

Do not forget to select an experienced handyman to install rock exposure, because this work requires skill and precision in installation. Once installed, these rocks can be given coatings, layers of rock in order to look better and easier to clean. Coating also makes it more resistant rock moss. Options available coatings are glossy (shiny), or a dove (opaque). The difference is visible sheen or blurred impression of rock surfaces that tend to reflect light or not.

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