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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tips for Bathroom Design

Choose a unique theme

Determine favorite interior mood you want to present it, then start making plans bathroom design of your mood. You can choose a theme from the movie or hobby that you like. If the bathroom is already made​​, decorate the bathroom with a collection of favorite items for the bathroom visually unique look and character.

Tips Arranging Family Room

Determine themes

Rumahuni.com - "Building" family room starts from building a theme and atmosphere. This one is more personal. Can be adjusted with the function of space and needs of family members, as well as overall building area.
For example, the family room is used as a multifunctional space. In a sense, this space may have functioned well as a children's playroom. If so, choose a theme that is light, playful, bright, and tend to be modern style.

Green house Design

Greenhouse design was launched in the UK with their showroom in London's Great Portland Street, santambrogiomilano in the work of high-end interior designers andarchitects. A collaboration with the founder and designer Ennio carlo santambrogioarosio, they are 'using the concept of simplicity' features a series of iconic pieces offurniture, beds, sofas and bookcases, along with architectural elements such asstairs and kitchen, all made ​​of 'extraclear' glass, the elegant and distinctive, whilethey are very concerned about the beauty of the surroundings.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Modern bedroom design

Just reading your introduction; There is little confusion when we talk about the design of modern and contemporary bedrooms (contemporary), no limits and scope of the obvious. Reject the measuring is probably the time but it still not been defined so that there are times when we more appropriately call it a trend. When trying the theme this time was the same thing we feel.

When he started collecting some of this inspiration, rather difficult to determine the scope of themes in modern and contemporary. On that basis we raised design with consideration of the trend. Characteristics and style bedroom which may again play a lot of the current trend with large window openings and the ceiling or ceiling which impressed one with the other parts of the room. In addition the colors are neutral, wood, contrast, and monochrome are also widely used.

White color trends in bedroom design

Current trends also play with a lot of soft colors and neutral. Many white color of choice, in addition to neutral and easily combined with other colors as accents. The white color effects and also provide a quiet atmosphere, but it gives the impression of a spacious and airy against your bedroom.resource

Modern Bedroom Interior Design

Currently, there are various ideas for your bedroom interior design. The first is very important to take note of personal choice & priorities of Bedrooms you before you look for bedroom interior design ideas. In addition to the basic design and the actual room, the function is also an important part when designing your bedroom.

Bedroom into the one room and part of your home that helps you relax and calm down after spending all day working in your office. It's important modern bedroom interior you have a good atmosphere. Consequently, each component used must be decorative, movable or immovable, freeing you from stress and tension throughout the day.

Bedroom Design-Design a Unique and Creative

A bedroom is currently used not only to unwind, but it could also be a place to pour a hobby and creative owners. The more appropriate atmosphere of the room, the more comfortable also for the owner to linger at home in it. 
Here are some bedroom design unique and creative and can probably be used as design inspiration for making your bedroom.

Minimalist Bedroom Design

Minimalist Bedroom picture, the longer trend today is home to the concept of minimalist and simple but very nice on the eye, and on this occasion I would like to give some examples of drawings or minimalist bedroom design bedroom with minimalist concept, as I have give it some time ago about the example of minimalist houses pictures, this time I was intending to give a few examples of a little bedroom with minimalist concept that seemed very nice and very graceful.

Minimalist Bedroom Interior Design Comfort

Your search for examples of minimalist design drawing a comfortable bedrooms and good? Well in this post a little blog seo firecrackers will provide information about bedroom design for men and women who want to sleep comfortably. Design of a child's bedroom can also be a reference of you who want to create a bedroom with an attractive and unique interiors. Minimalist Bedroom Design Bedroom minimalist image, the longer the current trend is bobo rooms with minimalist and simple concept.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Picture of Minimalist Wooden Home

Picture of Minimalist Wooden Home
    Oh yes do not forget to look at a wide range of modern minimalist home designs in this blog. And do not forget a wooden house is not just about, chairs, tables or other furniture. But the house itself.
     Some Inspiration Image of Minimalist Wooden houses:

Picture Home Design

Picture Home Design

    You are looking for a minimalist home design minimalist house model Idaman family today? Well, here beritamandiri will give little information about the sample design picture minimalist house as long as possible you want the Design is to make it as your comfortable dwelling. Minimalist home design is very unique and many people sought to shelter the family. In addition this model has a house with an elegant impression and can make people who occupy a peaceful residential feel. In Indonesia, especially for this type of model of a modern minimalist home is very rarely found in cities as long as possible we do not know.
     For that before making a minimalist home design we must consider some important aspects that we often forget the neighborhood environment that may be built as a simple minimalist house. As we know also that the minimalist house with a fairly minimal concept will result in a maximum kindahan to the owners, where the narrowness of this land can change the arrangement of furniture and paint color selection according to a narrow sense is gone.
     Well, here's a picture example of a minimalist home that I got from the internet, hopefully can assist you in finding examples and references in managing the model of your home with this minimalist concept .

Save as Home Improvement Tips

Save as Home Improvement Tips

    Renovating a house is a work that can not be taken lightly. The thought, effort, time, and especially the cost, will be devoted to the implementation of the renovation. Especially when the renovation is done is large enough such as increased home or replacing the roof.

    Modern Minimalist Home Improvement

    However, you need not worry. Renovation costs can be saved, provided some of the process is done carefully. Here are a few:

Bed Room Desain

Bed Room Desain

    The bedroom is a place of your rest so you have to provide the perfect bed for your body to rest in a perfect example .. beautiful and elegant bed.
  Bed room design must be make a comfortable and make it good sleep.

  1. Fungtionality
  2. Estetis
  3. Comfortable
  4. Cool
  5. Collour harmoni
  6. Good lighting
  7. Asesoris
  8. Good place
  9. A relaxing space

Modern Interior Design

Modern Interior News Design 

    Here are some modern interior you need to complete the contents of your home.
  1. clean style
  2. simplicity
  3. Efisiens
  4. hiegenis
  5. honestly
  6. collour harmony
  7. lighting
  8. Point of interest
  9. mass production
  10. more-more and more-
  11. less is more > minimalisme is maximalisme

Design Living Room

Design Living Room

    Minimalis pop Art "living room" its mean in indonesia is ruang keluarga,its usually become to meet for members of family. as usually join with space for watching TV ( television and Audio visual), but at abroad..living room is living room not audio room family, audio room have a speciall place..."audio room atau Home teater"
now i want give you a picture...i hope that this picture..good for you...Resource

Minimalist Door Design

Minimalist Door Design

    A minimalist door design is luck...why ...get lucky, becouse you will have get a good design and minimalist on cost.here i want give you an example a minimlist door design.
    The world is full of inspiration. Colours, shapes, materials, sounds - they all stimulate us in different ways.. Having your own, personal flair means putting your ideas into practice. Wake up the magic of your creativity for others to appreciate. Open the door to the day and let life walk in.
    Enjoy the pleasure of sharing your creations with family and friends. Noise may be part and parcel of our busy lives but, when we want to, we can shut it out. Just close the door to make it disappear.
there are many many design you can down loads free.in order to can be use to aplyed to your home...resource

Minimalist kitchen set with minimalist clean style

Minimalist kitchen set with minimalist clean style

    Minimalist kitcen set unite with dinning room' empahasis fokal point with red collour'
kitchen set must be.,resource

  1. fungtionality in acvity
  2. fungtional in form
  3. Good looking
  4. Clean
  5. easy to made an use
  6. suiteable with tema in interior for each other
  7. Notice with " ergonomic man"

Minimalist Home Tips

Minimalist Home Tips

    What is interesting from a minimalist home design? Simple, Elegant. And: Other than the others. Of course other than the other, if the environment around you do not have a minimalist home. But if the entire neighborhood-style minimalism, certainly becomes uniform again.
More than just a style or model home, minimalist philosophy should reflect your life and family. If not, the concept of minimalism is not the right concept for your home.The question is: What kind of life philosophy fits with the concept of minimalism?
  1. You are more concerned with the essential, fundamental, rather than any ornaments or decorations. Other languages: take an important course, functional. If that's not important, be disposed of or removed. Its application in a minimalist design, for example in the living room: sofa, coffee table, credensa may be sufficient. Carved ornaments are not essential for a minimalist style. Home decorations such as paintings, vases of flowers, was chosen as little as possible.And placed as accents to home is not boring. But it is also not full of stuff. On the table may be a simple vase that was enough. On the wall, one of two paintings and photographs probably had more than enough.

Picture Home Plan 5

Picture Home Plan

    You might be designing their own homes. Having to adjust to the fund, you choose a medium-size house between 100 to 150 m2. And you are now looking for examples of house plans to suit your needs. Usually it takes 2 or 3 bedrooms, 2 km baths, family room, kitchen, dining room and garage. One-story house. 
Maybe some of the floor plan below can help. 
    The house first floor has several advantages. The cost is certainly less expensive than building two floors, because the cost of construction of the structure of fewer homes. In addition, the mobility of family members residing in a single floor, would create intimacy. For parents, the house first floor is the right choice, to avoid the difficulty up and down stairs. 
    This plan I took from familyhomeplan.com. And hence the size of the plan to use the size of feet (feet). Just to help, I convey information at length, and its range in the size of the meter. While the size of the space is still using the original size feet. If you want to convert it into the size of the meter, you simply multiply by a factor of 0.3084.For example, 30 feets, = 0.30.84 = 9.14 × 30 m. 
    Here are some plans that I chose for you.

House Plan Area +159.3 m2 (14.9 × 10.7 m)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Home Design 1

Minimalist Home Design 1
01. Total Building Area = 125 m2
02. Dimensions 10.5 m x 15.5 m
03. Consisting of Garage Building, 5 KT, 3 KM, R Guest, Kitchen, Dining R, R Family,Terrace, Garden Side

Images consist of:
01. Basic floor plan drawings
02. Upper floor plan drawings
03. Picture looks forward
04. Right side view images
05. Left side view images

Home Design 2

Minimalist Home Design 2
01. Total Building Area = 175 m2
02. Dimensions 10.5 m x 15.5 m
03. The building consists of 5 KT, KT Maid 1, 4 KM, 1 R Guest, 1 Kitchen, Eat 1R, 1 RFamily, Casual 1 R, 1 R Prayer, Terrace, Balcony, Warehouse

Home Design 3

Minimalist Home Design 3
01. Total Building Area = 81 m2
02. The dimensions of 11 m x 12 m
03. The building consists of 2 KT, 2 KM, R Guest, Kitchen, Dining R, R Family, Versatile R,R Wash, Terrace, Drying Room (Top Floor)

Picture Home Plan 4

Home Plan 4

01. Total Building Area = 420 m2
02. The dimensions of 20 m x 15 m
03. Consisting of Garage Building, 6 KT, KT Maid 1, 5 KM, 1 R Guest, Studio, Kitchen,Dining R, R Family, R and R Wash laundry, Garden Outdoor Ornamental

Images consist of:
01. Floor plan ground floor / upstairs
02. Picture looks forward
03. Right side view images
04. Left side view images

Picture Home Plan 3

Home Plan 3
01. Total Building Area = 310 m2
02. The dimensions of 20 m x 15 m
03. Consisting of Garage Building, 5 KT, KT Maid 1, 5 KM, 1 R Guest, Studio, Kitchen,Dining R, R Family, R and R Wash laundry, Garden Outdoor Ornamental

Images consist of:
01. Floor plan ground floor / upstairs
02. Picture looks forward
03. Right side view images
04. Left side view images

Picture Home Plan 2

Home Plan 2

Total Building Area = 290 m2
The dimensions of 20 m x 15 m
Consisting of Garage Building, 5 KT, KT Maid 1, 5 KM, 1 R Guest, Studio, Kitchen,Dining R, R Family, R and R Wash laundry, Garden Outdoor Ornamental

Images consist of:
01. Floor plan ground floor / upstairs
02. Picture looks forward
03. Right side view images
04. Left side view images

Picture Home Plan 1

Home Plan 1

Total Building Area = 270 m2
The dimensions of 20 m x 15 m
Consisting of Garage Building, 5 KT, KT Maid 1, 5 KM, 1 R Guest, Studio, Kitchen,Dining R, R Family, R and R Wash laundry, Garden Outdoor Ornamental

Friday, December 2, 2011

Interior Design Modern and Minimalist Home

Interior Design Modern and Minimalist Home

    Arrange the interior of the house should be aligned with the facade of the buildingIf it seems his face wore an art decointerior arrangement also does not run away fromthat style. Similarly, to model a minimalist homeinterior designed with a matchingstyleAlthough in its applicationnot the second round wear that style.

    For the interior living room, art deco-style application that many use round ornaments, boxes, or other geometric shapes, just used as accents only. For example, only used for TV cabinets or other display cabinets.

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